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Intellectual Property

Stumar Investigations is the most experienced intellectual property investigation company in the world, having been involved with case's from street level operators to international terror groups. Stumar along with IP attorneys,Company Legal teams,Local,State and Federal Law enforcement work together to solve the problem.

Stumar Investigations regulary handles Trademark, Patent and Counterfeit investigations which has lead to the seizure counterfeit merchandise, civilly and or criminal or with Cease and Desist Notices. We have expertise in handling beach community investigations from Maryland,Delware,New Jersey, New York and Florida.
Stumar has dealt with with Store fronts, street vendors, distributors, manufacturers  of counterfeit merchandise.Trademark infringement, patent infringement as well as being available to consult on stradegy in all areas of IPR protection.

Counterfeit Products Seized

• Tee Shirts
• Cell Phones
• Pharmaceuticals
• Sneakers

• Toner
• Shoes/clothing
• Sunglass's
• Car Parts