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Business Intelligence

Competition is healthy and a fundamental tenet upon which our economy is built. But when a person or company violates the inner workings of your business, pilfering your trade secrets or going behind the scenes illegally to obtain your most private information and plans that is a serious challenge. The professional team at Stumar Investigations will use paramount discretion and ensure your confidentiality while preventing your hard-earned business intelligence from falling into the wrong hands.

Large Puzzle Pieces - Background Investigations
Don't let your competitive edge be compromised. Trust Stumar Investigations to deliver the secure intelligence you need to protect your companies' expertise. Through intense scrutiny, we will uncover any potential damage to your business and give you the facts necessary to take action.

Due Diligence

Business deals are like marriages, you really need to know your potential mate before making the commitment. Beyond what you can readily learn online, we can explore your potential partners factual financial history, liabilities, alliances and any Achilles' heel to deliver information that will help you make a sound decision.

Stumar handles Media/data Recovery as well as Technical Countermeasures with state of the art equipment and technicians, many are former goverment employees.

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