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Innovative Telecommunication Services

Many of the nation’s cell phone providers are facing issues with handset arbitrage, gaming and equipment fraud. Allow our telecommunication investigative specialists at Stumar Investigations help stem the tide of these costly frauds.

Telecommunication Frauds

This type of fraud exists across the country and involve people who illegally purchase mobile phones from retail outlets. The phones are passed to middlemen who modify the software and resell the altered phones, often to individuals who sell them overseas without paying off the carrier after only making initial down payment. We have investigated these types of cases nationwide, assisting counsel to obtain large monetary awards and also gaining court orders prohibiting defendants from continuing to engage in the bulk purchase, sale, or unlocking of wireless phones. Stumar Investigations is the nation's premier investigation agency when it comes to cellular phone fraud.  When major carriers have a problem, they rely on the only agency with a dedicated division to combat telecommunication fraud.

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