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Stumar Investigations serves clients in key industries across the country and around the globe. Through our core practices, we assist our clients to protect their vital interests.

The cases we handle cut across every subject area, Business Fraud, Shareholder Disputes, Life Insurance Fraud, STOLI, Products Liability, Labor and Employment, Intellectual Property, Health Care, Telecommunications, Insurance Fraud, as well as high net worth Family Law Matters.

We investigate factual background, assess difficult accounting and financial material and develop intelligence at all stages of disputes, supporting positive litigation strategies and settlement outcomes.

Stumar's Investigations is comprised of an unparalleled combination of committed investigation professionals. Stumar delivers tailored investigations which yield evidence that meet the utmost litigation principles. We provide our clients with comprehensive intelligence with which to make knowledgeable decisions about their challenging issues.

Our  services embrace electronic discovery / data retrieval, investigative techniques and interviews that surpass the normal processes.

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